Albert Benson with his drafts

Albert Benson with his drafts

There is so much to be said about our grandparents, parents and many wise folks that precede our endeavors that can be passed on.  It is hard to capture it all quickly in a place like this.  However, part of why we wanted to bring our love of horses to others is in the generational use and passion that spans back through our families.   Jason learned to drive drafts and riding from his Father, affectionately known as the Big Swede, and he from his Father Albert.  I was blessed with my Father recognizing my passion for horses as he found stable after stable for me to ride at while we moved around in the military as well as buying me my first horse (just prior to retiring from the Navy) that kept us running around to rodeos and trail rides.   The fun, triumphs, tribulations, need for farming, recreation and overall love for the horses helped bring this draft and light horse appreciation from one generation to another.  In between his Grandfather and Father passing on the love of the "Gentle Giants" down to Jason there were indelible influences on us both like Rich Coulter, Bob "Cactus" Simonson, Leonard Koch, Jim Kosel, Dennis Koenig, Jim and Peggy Day, Albert Cleve, John and Barb Rice, O.E Mines, Barney Tessmer, Linda Blum and many many more stewards of these animals that have shaped us both.  We appreciate every day what we have learned from those that have touched our (and our horses) lives and we can only hope to provide some memories and inspiration to others in return.  


There is no end.

There is no beginning.

               There is only the infinite passion for life.        



In tribute,

Jason & Shirlene