The Funny Farm

Photos by Shirlene Hvinden.

Initially it started out a term of endearment about our worlds coming together with the love of animals we both had.   Hence, the Funny Farm.  However, a few (well maybe quite a few) horses and animals added, a personal blog started, and many memories being made resulted in our desire to share this little funny farm with anyone that we could has brought us here..........Heritage Horses.    Where a celebration of the way things were not only with horse power and old-fashioned but with the country culture, kindness and simplicity of the days gone by. 

 Jason is the brawn and rock of our life and I tend to think I’m the idea generator and excitement maker with a bit of feisty on the side.  However, that could be up for debate.  Nonetheless we seem to have found a recipe that works.

The projects, ideas and events continue and are much fun.  Life is blessed and constantly on the run….so take a look around and catch us if you can. You’re always invited for coffee, a little lunch, wagon ride or fire…just give us a call!!

In tribute,

Jason & Shirlene